EMS Revolution SYSTEM


EMS integrates the latest technology generation into its devices which allows a full body workout in a shorter and more efficient time than in conventional training. EMS Revolution is a PREMIUM product which is characterized by safety, comfort, and the easiest use of the electrostimulation products. It is created according to the latest advances in microelectronics circuits and computer technologies.

1.1 What causes EMS Revolution?

The metabolism and muscle growth are activated.
The general body tension increases. You feel fit.
The blood circulation is stimulated. You feel active.
The circulation of the lymph is activated. You feel healthy.
The interaction of these factors involves the stimulation of certain mechanisms. By using
EMS Revolution, hormones like adrenaline and endorphins are released. The customer will
feel very comfortable after a training session, even after a very stressful day.
Each program has 3 different intensities so that programs can be intensified as needed and
according to the physical condition of the client. In total there are 12 types of possible